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Detroit theatre to set man on fire to celebrate Nicolas Cage


Most improv companies launch fundraisers for a theatre, new seats or training. However, Planet Ant Theater in Detroit have launched a fundraiser so that they can set a man on fire and they are doing it all in the name of Nicolas Cage, obviously.

The group have launched a Go Fund Me page in the hope that they can set the record for the longest consecutive full body burn.

“Detroit’s motto is not all that dissimilar to the tagline to Nicolas Cage’s 2011 sequel Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance – He Rides again. As will we. We are Nicolas UnCaged and this is our sixth sequel. And we need your help in making history”

Go Fund Me page
Photo Credit: Designlazy.com

The man who has the honour of being set ablaze is stunt man, pyrotechnic specialist, and a stuntman to Nicolas Cage, Schuyler White. The world record attempt will happen with the assistance of local fire safety professionals as part of Planet Ant’s traditional Nicolas Cage appreciation celebration, Uncaged.

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