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Improv classes to keep older minds active


Improv has long been used in learning and therapy contexts. One area the art form is being increasingly used for is cognitive function, especially amongst seniors.

Active Minds in San Diego is an educational program run by Unscripted Learning who offer classes to help people develop confidence, work as a team and develop creative thinking. The Active Minds program specifically teaches improvisational acting techniques and skills to improve cognitive ability, foster brain health, broaden creative expression and help increase social interaction.

The program, designed by the folks at the National Comedy Theatre, stresses fun at its heart and aims to teach the same skills that on-stage improvisers use.

Classes meet once a week over a six week period for 2 hours, at Unsripted Learning’s training center at Liberty Station in Pt. Loma. The class is billed as low stress, accessible, very funny and never embarrassing. 

To find out more about Unscripted Learning and their various programs, visit their website: https://unscriptedlearning.org