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How to improvise with famous people


Ten of my tips – by Stephan Clarity

I don’t know about you, but I’m always improvising with famous people, especially actors. It’s both a treat and a chore. Their light shines on you, but when they walk away, you can be left in the dark. So how can you bring your own light to the room?

Here are the things I’ve learned over my decades of experience:

There won’t be an empty seat in the house if you improvise with famous people

1 Famous people know they are famous. Try and offer a line of a famous dialogue from one of their shows when you meet them, just so they know you know.

2 Be a bit of an asshole. They are sick of people being nice to them.

3 Always use their real name in scenes, if they are an actor, they don’t want to be acting on their night off.

4 Make sure to recreate one of their shows in a scene, they will feel safe there.

5 Be louder. Actors know how to project and you need to compete.

6 Bring chocolate. They may get tired on stage.

7 Dress neutrally because they can be flamboyant.

8 Keep asking their characters what they are thinking. Actors always know.

9 Spit more.

10 Stand close to them in every scene so the photographer captures you both.

Good luck and fingers crossed; you will be famous one day.