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Warsaw festival focal point for growth in Polish improv


At the weekend It was the 3rd edition of the Warsaw Festival of Theater Improvisation WIFe, organized by the Warszawska Szkoła Impro.

The festival hosted groups from Poland and abroad, including Carla and Craig Cackowski as Orange Tuxedo (USA), Crocodile Paws (FIN), Jinx group (Romania), GLB (Germany). For the first time, a Mixer Team performed at the festival, and a format contest with a money prize was organized. 

Improvised Musical by Improkracja

There were also additional attractions like a discussion panel at the Warsaw University of Social Sciences and Humanities (SWPS).

Participant Monika Ozdarska said the weekend was fantastic and a confirmation of their growing scene: “What is very pleasing and significant is that the festival grows year by year, which is proof of the rapidly growing improv community and the development of theatrical improvisation in Poland. The fans of improvisation from all over Poland come together and more people from abroad are beginning to appear.”

In addition to all of this, there are a number of fantastic improv workshops coming up in a number of Polish cities including two workshops this weekend with John Cremer, founder of the Maydays (UK) in Warsaw and next month, there are three week-long intensives with Jason Shotts from Dummy (US) in Karkow, Wroclaw and Warsaw.