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How to bring improv into your grocery shopping


Six simple tips to make you a better improviser by Chris Ability

If all the world’s a stage, why aren’t you practising your craft in everyday situations more? Here are my favourite ways to get quality scene work into your grocery shopping.

1. Your basket isn’t a basket – it’s a great accessory for the short-form game “props”. Look at you making it seem like it’s a nuclear bunker. Great work. 

2. Say “Thank God you’re here,” to the first member of staff you see, and use that as the opener for a scene. People will watch!

3. Pretend to be a celebrity while you shop. The supermarket needs Party Quirks in aisle three and it needs it now.

4. Character work is so important. Walk down each aisle as the same character, but use each aisle to explore a different emotion. Is Anita really joyous enough near the asparagus or does she need to be more vocal about it? You decide.

5. Every cash register transaction is an opportunity to Yes And what the staff member is saying. “Would you like to get a newspaper today?” – how about you get a newspaper AND a Mars bar? The character you are playing likes occasional chocolate treats as part of a healthy lifestyle. 

6. It doesn’t end when you get to your car. Come to think of it, what car does your character have? Because you probably want to go to your character’s car rather than your own.

Note: If your character uses coupons, please remember to make a note of which ones. These are not your discounts, they belong to your character so make sure you don’t defraud them.