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London’s longest running jam branches out with first class show


Duck Duck Goose Improv’s inaugural Performance Improv Comedy course wrapped up on Monday with the class performing scenes and games as part of the Brixton night’s popular regular weekly jam.

Duck Duck Goose is London’s longest-running improv comedy jam and their students graduated from the eight-week Performance Course by performing a combination of sensational scenes and shortform games cheered on by an audience packed full of supportive family and friends.

For Vic Hogg, DDG founder and Performance Course teacher, it has been thrilling to create more opportunities to introduce people to the form. ‘For me, courses and workshops were the next logical step after the success of our weekly jam. It’s been so exciting seeing newcomers to improv thriving.’

DDG Performance Course Students

DDG started teaching courses after celebrating their fifth birthday in February. With half a decade’s experience in supporting performers of all levels, their show had often been many players’ first taste of improv. The Beginners course even runs on Mondays so that excited newcomers to the form can check out the jam’s second half upstairs (both the class and show run in Brixton’s Effra Social, one of Antic London’s quirky and popular pubs).

The team’s move into teaching comes as the London scene is rapidly expanding. One of the many people in the capital to discover improv is Performance Course grad, Steph. ‘I’ve always been told I was funny but never knew what to do with it. Doing these improv courses has taught me so much: more about myself, more about how to interact with others, more confidence. It’s let my imagination run riot.’

After taking a summer break in August, DDG’s course schedule starts up again in Autumn with even more vigour and choice. This includes, by popular demand, a new Teams class. As per Vic: ‘Personally, I was very chuffed when I tentatively asked the Performance Course players whether they want another level so they can continue to play with DDG and they all said Yes. That’s a pretty nice endorsement.’    

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