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Union Comedy’s bid for a new Boston improv theatre


A group of improvisers in Boston (US) are starting to realise their dream of getting their own theatre and training school. As part of the new site at 434 McGrath Highway in Somerville MA, Union Comedy will be a 72-seat theater with live comedy programming and a comedy school focused on longform improv.

Union Comedy founders (L-R): Ben Scurria, Sara Teague, Ben Gibb, Pat Kearnan, Andrew Barlow (not pictured)

Union Comedy was founded by five improvisers based in Boston with a combined 30+ years of producing, directing, and performing experience. Between them they have created some of Boston’s most successful independent shows.  In the past few years they’ve produced a blind submission show called the Kerfuffle at Rockwell theater, they throw an annual long form improv festival in Somerville, MA (this year’s festival is August 24 @ ONCE), and produce a community access TV show out of Somerville Media Center called Flotilla TV. 

Ben Gibb shows the theater during construction

Formed in 2017, Union Comedy started with the goal of giving long form improv a home in Boston. Fast forward two years and they’re opening a theatre. Last week the company  launched a kickstarter to help them cross the financial finish line – and the kickstarter has some pretty cool campaign goals that will peak the interest of improv fans from far and wide.

Founding member Sara Teague said “We’re really excited this has finally come to fruition, and also that we’re going to be able offer a long form-focused theater to our community with affordable tickets prices and a place where we can teach our craft to the masses”

Check out their kickstarter which also contains more information about the project and a cool floor plan of what the theatre space will be like for improv theatre nerds.