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Applied Improv Network promises expansive and inclusive conference


The Applied Improv Network, the international organisation that applies improv theory for non-theatrical purposes, is bringing together members from all over the world for their annual conference at Stony Brook University, NY this week. The AIN has over 7000 members world-wide and this year’s conference theme is Communicating Beyond Borders and Barriers: Applications Of Improvisation In Society.

The conference begins on Wednesday 7th August and includes session on freestyle rapping, healthcare (including applications for dementia and autism) and facilitator credentialing. 

The AIN website says: “At a time when the world is clamoring for collaboration, connection and creative problem-solving, AIN is poised to offer what promises to be one of our most expansive, inclusive and dynamic conferences yet. How does improv help us understand across difference? How does it allow us to exercise and strengthen our empathy, courage and range?  What tools, mindsets, opportunities, insights, solutions, bridges, and salves can it provide? Exploring these questions and more through shared experience, conversations, performances, discussions and expert presentations, the conference intends to expand our individual and professional expertise and inspiration”

Find out more here: http://appliedimprovisation.network/events/conferences/2019-new-york/