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Making Indie Nights Work


The latest Improv Chronicle Podcast is available now

Earlier this month, Little Chicago Comedy in Sheffield UK celebrated its first anniversary. This small, welcoming indie night has grown considerably and had me wondering – What makes a good independent improv night, and what do you get out of putting on something that isn’t connected to an established improv theatre or school?

The podcast features Charlie and Joe who founded Little Chicago Comedy, Sam Irving from Other People’s Children who run an indie night in London, an indie night run by Monika Ozdarska from Warsaw, Poland and traveling improviser Jonathan Pitts who has seen indie nights the world over.

The Improv Chronicle Podcast is only on its third episode but is already climbing up the Improv section in the podcast charts, reaching a top 40 position in the UK and Germany and a top ten position in South Africa and India. The podcast aims to be as truly international as possible and if you have an idea for an area of improv or issue we could cover, please get in touch, no matter where you are in the world. We are looking for stories, issues and improv-related challenges and triumphs that have a global appeal. Email your idea to newsdesk@improvchronicle.com

In a couple of weeks, our next episode will be about doing improv in a void – so if you are the only team in town or are building up a scene from nothing, we’d love to hear from you right now. Get in touch – newsdesk@improvchronicle.com