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Being A Guest On The Improv Chronicle Podcast


So, you’re about to be a guest on the Improv Chronicle. Here’s a guide to how this podcast works, our values and what you can expect.

Firstly, thank you. Having people like you willing to talk improv to our international listenership is vital – we wouldn’t be a podcast without people who are as passionate about improv as you are.

Tone and Style:

This is a documentary style podcast. We aim to produce an audio product that is easily consumable and that features different voices on each subject we cover. You won’t be the only person we interview for this subject and we may take views that differ to provide the listener with the chance to make up their own mind. The host is mainly there to facilitate insights from guests but they may occasionally put forward thoughts they are having as a result of these discussions.

How we treat what you say:

We want you to get your point across. If there is something you really want included we will do our best to make that happen so long as it doesn’t compromise the podcast or cause serious issues to our production schedule.

If you want to mention your particular school, theatre or project you are working on that is totally fine. We are happy to give mention to something you are involved in as part of the podcast.

We record from the moment we meet you or start calling you. We love the candid moments where people interact and we like to use atmos from the place where we record interviews. We aim to create a ‘canvass of sound’ so that the podcast is as beautiful in audio quality as it is insightful in content.

If you ever say something that you don’t want included, please let us know. We aren’t here to catch you out. You are free to say anything but we won’t include anything libellous, sexist or that demeans minorities.

Freedom of the media:

We believe the media should be free to pursue stories without censorship. Some countries have reporting restrictions and don’t have a free media. We believe producers deserve the right to pursue stories and issues in a free, fair and open way. We will always say what our angle is before we speak to you. We believe in getting both sides of the debate and we will attempt to look at both sides of an improv issues. The angle we choose will always be the choice of the Improv Chronicle. You will always have the choice over participation.


You really don’t need to prepare much for talking to us. Aside from reading this and maybe listening to an episode if you have not heard us before, there really isn’t much else you need to do. We are after your authentic thoughts and reactions. 

Thank you again

Host / Producer – The Improv Chronicle Podcast