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Best of the year


You’ve heard from some incredible improv voices since this podcast launched in July. There have been some diverse opinions, some moments of discovery for participants, for listeners and definitely for me as the host. But I’ve not been able to include everything everyone said.

The latest episode of the podcast features a number of the interview segments which didn’t make it into an episode due to time or because it was a side-topic.

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Commercial content:
This episode features a commercial for the Robin Hood International Improv Festival which happens from 7th – 10th May 2020 in Nottingham. This commercial is an in-kind arrangement for promotion for this podcast at the festival. For the record, and for full disclosure, the producer of the podcast (Lloydie James Lloyd) is also one of the two artistic directors of the festival. Aside from the commercial itself, there have been no editorial influence on the production of the podcast.

For more details on the festival, go to www.robinhoodimprov.com and visit the festival’s social media channels @robinhoodimprov

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